Our process employs six phases that ensures success.

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In this phase, information is collected and analyzed. We listen to what you say and take your unique needs into account. Our project team works with you to identify your business objectives while considering the practical parameters of time and budget. The end product of this phase is a strategic course of action.


Once we agree on project objectives, we think. The functional, technical, and creative requirements are defined. We formulate an architectural and navigational blueprint for your site, ensuring your customer a quality and memorable experience. We can work within your existing corporate ID or create one for you to establish a sense of branding for your site. We continually refine our ideas and, by the time planning is complete, your site will look great on paper.


Now the project takes form in colors, shapes, and other visual and textual elements that bridge the parts of the project developed in the consultation and planning phases. In this phase your Website acquires a look and feel all its own. The programming and functionality to the site are in production. At this point, your site looks great on screen


When production of the site is complete we strategically place it on the Web in a password protected "client testing" directory. This feature enables you to explore the site before launch and give our team your feedback. We perform an extensive quality control process to ensure that every part of the site works as it should. In addition, we test the site on multiple platforms using different Web browsers, resolutions, color depths and connection rates ensuring that the final product is accessible to the widest range of Internet users. Any inconsistencies or errors are identified and corrected. Now, your site works on the web.


After we test and assure the quality of your site we deliver. We will make sure you understand how to manage the site and offer you the option of a simple, easy to use maintenance package. We realize that even after the launch, your Website needs a team of professionals to reinforce it and give it room to grow as your business grows.


361inc.com provides the support your site needs. Trade recognizes that the Web is an ever evolving entity. Therefore, we monitor and analyze how your solution performs. We follow up with your team to review reactions to the site, the first months hit reports, plan any additional development, maintenance or training, and present our thoughts on how to approach the next generation of the solution. Unlike other companies, we can also design and execute a marketing and promotion plan; including print materials, search engine optimization, and banner ad campaigns. We form a partnership with you that continues after your site is up and running.

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