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361 Incorporated can update promptly, train personnel and provide priority tech support through any internet production. Other services include but not limited to… hosting, statistic data, marketing, social media, online forms, email management, progress reports, outlines, strategic timelines as well as print, photography and video productions.

showcase your website and business to the world

Everything is new because your website is new... The fact is your site is only new if it evolves and enhances the visitor experience giving them a reason to return. It's the true test to how successful a website can be for you and your business. 

The only item missing is WHO? Who is going to deal with maintenance, emails, analyzing data, reviewing marketing efforts, and overall improve the site to better help your visitors? We offer custom solutions that work!

web, video, print, photo, news & marketing service

  • work as Official webmaster to your organization
  • work effectively with your Sales and Marketing Team
  • optimize and update websites
  • insure home page is updated
  • initiate Facebook status updates
  • photo services at scheduled events
  • schedule, direct, record, edit and upload video “web commercial”
  • produce print designs such as business cards, brochures and ads
  • convert all print ads to website ads
  • format and send email newsletters and announcements
  • provide pdf file of newsletters
  • gather new email contacts, feedback and apply them accordingly
  • work with dealers and media to share media files
  • research online directories and online outlets to promote websites
  • review progress of your websites, mass emails and social media
  • provide pdf files of website statistic data for your review
  • manage email accounts as needed
  • priority tech support and software consulting
  • responsible for the following email accounts: webmaster@ news@

Top Tier Marketing Service

social & community awareness incentives

Our Mission:
To promote adequate and appropriate messaging by working closely with top executives and to ensure messaging is projected to organizational standards, throughout all possible resources. will use various traditional and new technologies in print, video, web and other resources that will market, monitor, analyze and execute communications and provide community awareness.

Together, we will create programs that promote the organization's image in a positive and community-oriented way, developing and implementing community outreach programs, set up internal events, fairs and other community events to incorporate the organization into the community.

As a team we will plan, develop and implement programs to promote community awareness while managing and maintaining community development initiatives throughout the organization.

  • manage marketing budget to optimize events, materials and marketing
  • responsible for supervising the company brand within the community
  • prepare public relation plans that highlight aspects of the organization
  • organize events between the organization and the public
  • communicate to the public by writing and distributing press releases
  • inform the media when something new happens within the organization
  • improve contact with media and journalists to obtain optimum coverage

Utilizing our skills, experience and relationships with community programs, we will ensure messages are consistent with your overall brand and meet company standards while maintaining and promoting a positive image on behalf of the organization.

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